After 3 days of consultation, the National Council will decide on the 2023 budget on Thursday


The National Council will decide on next year’s budget on Thursday. This has been discussed in plenary since Tuesday, sometimes in heated discussions between the opposition and the government. The 2023 budget is characterized by high inflation and energy prices due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. While spending to cope with the Corona crisis is falling, a lot of money is now being spent on absorbing inflation.

According to the estimate, the Maastricht deficit will amount to 2.9 percent of economic production next year; however, it should fall back to 1.6 percent by 2026.

The debt rises to 367 billion euros, but its share in gross domestic product falls slightly from 78.3 to 76.7 percent. Particularly unfavourable: interest payments will double from 4.3 to almost 9 billion euros in 2023.

Before the final vote, the chapters on defense, the ministry of climate protection and finance will be discussed in detail on Thursday.

Following the budget decision, the National Council will meet for the fourth time this week on Friday to consider other matters – such as referendums or minor changes to the Epidemic Act and book price changes.

Source: Krone


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