Zelensky is left alone in the defense that the missile “wasn’t Ukrainian”


The president demands the “information from our partners” and analyzes the evidence on the spot

The missile dropped in Poland sparked the biggest disagreement between the Kiev government and its allies since the start of the war. Volodimir Zelensky spoke before the national television cameras yesterday to insist that “I have no doubt that it was not our missile. I think it’s a Russian missile, based on our military reports,” he insisted, even after NATO, the United States and Poland themselves determined “very likely” that the missile came from the Ukrainian air defense system.

Zelensky turned a deaf ear, however, preferring to send his own version to the populace, identical to the one he released shortly after the explosion was taped, and which even included a message for NATO to respond immediately against Moscow – as Poland part of the coalition – which would have drawn Europe and much of the West into the war. And all this after talks with various Allied leaders and from Poland itself.

The leader “urgently” asked Warsaw to allow its experts access to the site of the explosion to conduct an investigation. Asked about this possibility by his country’s press, Polish Foreign Minister Lukasz Jasina stated that “we will not comment on this matter”. Poland is the country leading the investigations into what happened. The United States officially closed the case yesterday after informing G-20 leaders of the intelligence agencies’ investigations.

National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov took to Twitter to send a message to his allies that “we are calling for a joint investigation of the incident. We are ready to hand over evidence of the Russian trail that We have. We are waiting for the information from our partners on the basis of which it was concluded that it is an anti-aircraft missile,” he claimed.

Zelensky and his followers are left alone in their argument. They do not share NATO’s view that it is a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile. They also support this option from Washington and Moscow, leaving Kiev alone in this crisis.

However, Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg wanted to play down the responsibility of the Kiev military for the explosion, stating that “what happened in Poland is not the fault of Ukraine and that the ultimate responsibility lies with Russia” for invading Poland. the ex-republic and launched a nationwide 100-missile strike on Tuesday. An attack that further complicated the country’s energy situation and led to power cuts in cities like Odessa, which had not been affected by it until now.

Most Ukrainian media closed ranks around their president. There was discussion on the networks and local analysts such as Viktor Kovalenko, head of the UkraineDecoded podcast, believed that “it is a serious mistake on the part of Zelensky and his advisers to jump to conclusions and accuse so frivolously about what is happening in Poland has happened. I expected something different after nine months of war,” he shared on his Twitter account.

“In such a serious matter, no hasty conclusion can be drawn about the development of events without a thorough investigation,” said German Chancellor Olatz Scholz for his part. And Russia’s foreign ministry attributed Kiev’s “speed” by blaming Vladimir Putin’s government for its efforts to try to get “more support” from international partners.

Source: La Verdad


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