Migration crisis – Is Orbán really an ally?


Although there is a shortage of asylum seekers in this country, there are only 50 asylum applications in Hungary. Migration researcher Gerald Knaus now warns against Orbán’s tactics.

The ratio of 100,000 to 50 speaks a clear language. Austria will break the limit of 100,000 asylum applications in 2022. In Hungary it is laughed at because there are a paltry 50 asylum applications in the neighboring country. Nevertheless, Chancellor Karl Nehammer poses with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the asylum crisis summit in Serbia, describing him as an ally in the fight against illegal migration.

“Orbán is not an ally,” said migration researcher Gerald Knaus. And continues: “The alliance does not serve the interests of Austria, nor does it serve Karl Nehammer.” If the number of asylum seekers cannot be controlled, the FPÖ benefits. “In Orbán’s interest is a stronger FPÖ,” Knaus warns the ÖVP.

Refugees deported to Serbia
There are two reasons why Hungary is not a serious partner in the fight against illegal migration: Hungary passed a law some time ago that any refugee, no matter where in the country they are apprehended, will be transported to Serbia. “That is why the refugees are moving through Hungary as quickly as possible to get to Austria,” explains Knaus. A fact that is reflected in the asylum applications. There was a reprimand for this law from the European Court of Justice.

In addition, Hungary rejects Dublin repatriations across the board. Argument of the Magyars: Every refugee who comes to Austria via Hungary has set foot on EU soil in Bulgaria, Romania or Greece. Hungary is therefore not responsible. “Our government is hugging the wrong person. They are scammers,” warns Neos MP Stefanie Krisper.

Source: Krone


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