On January 29 – ÖVP takes over as “LH Johanna Mikl-Leitner – VP Lower Austria”.


The ÖVP will appear on the ballot in the state elections on January 29, 2023 as “LH Johanna Mikl-Leitner – VP Lower Austria”. Speculation about a possible official appointment with the addition “The Lower Austrian Party” came to an end on Thursday evening. As Governor Mikl-Leitner announced after the state party’s executive branch meeting, 300 constituency candidates will enter the race.

These people had been nominated in the 20 districts in recent weeks. On Thursday, the state party board unanimously confirmed the decision. “Our youngest candidate in the districts is Julius Heindl from Wieselburg-Land (Scheibbs district, comment) at the age of 18, our oldest is Gerhard Schweighofer from Traisen (Lilienfeld district, comment) at the age of 76. The average age of the district candidates is under 44,” Mikl-Leitner said at a press conference in St. Pölten.

Proportion of women at 43.3 percent
The proportion of women has increased and stands at 43.3 percent with 130 candidates. “A woman is always among the top three places in the districts,” the head of state stressed. According to the ÖVP, the state list will be determined “in an upcoming state party executive committee in about a month.”

Mikl-Leitner wants ‘fair election campaign’
Mikl-Leitner stressed once again that 2022 “is and will remain a working year” for the ÖVP. She appealed to the other parties to “put the election campaign and controversy behind them this year”. Ahead of January, the state party executive also authorized state manager Bernhard Ebner to finalize ongoing fairness negotiations with the other parties. “On the other hand, it was stated that the People’s Party of Lower Austria will only conduct a fair election campaign. Without underhand attacks, without personal attacks and without dirty campaigns.”

Ebner himself commented on the recent debate over ballot lettering. “There has been a lot of discussion lately about what we are called and how we act. At this point I would like to emphasize again: we are the only party that can rightly call itself the ‘Party of Lower Austria’. We are the only party represented in every municipality in all regions of the country.” Eventually Governor Mikl-Leitner quickly “clarified things and said that we would not run as the ‘Lower Austrian Party’ – but if the People’s Party. Party of Lower Austria”. . The abbreviation on the ballot paper is VPNÖ.

Source: Krone


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