Velasco: “We managed to kill the game”


The futsal barca missed a great opportunity to get his move on Final Four of Champions League after drawing against him anderlecht (5-5), in a match in which the Catalans won 2-5 with six minutes left. Despite the bitter results, the technician Jesus Velasco He wanted to make it clear that they still depended on themselves to be ahead of the pack, although he regretted not achieving success.

“We are alive, we have options and we depend on ourselves. That’s what we should assess. It’s a shame because we had a lot of control in the game, but two strange plays got them and in the end they scored the tying goal” is a great goal. Sport is like that. We have, we have forgiven them and now we will pay for it. We will see who will pass until the last moment,” he said. Velascoto turn to key against him anderlecht.

“We managed to kill the game. If we had scored a quarter of a difference it would have been difficult, but in the first play with the goalkeeper-player it was a very lucky goal. They were two goals away and still had five. minutes left. Then the free kick was very naive and they got another goal with 1:30 to go. They saw themselves in the game. This is the greatness of our sport. We didn’t do well at the end, it was good we did in the game, but in the end In the end, it all comes down to nothing because we haven’t been able to win. Now it’s up to us and we’ll know the result of the previous game and based on that we’ll know what we’ll have to do to go first”, he concluded Jesus Velascowho has full confidence in his players to get a pass on Final Four of Champions.

Source: La Verdad


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