Government dispute? – ÖVP wanted videos about leg scraping – Ministry refuses


Is the next turmoil in the turquoise-green government imminent? There are new clashes between the Green-led Ministry of Justice and the ÖVP over the WKStA investigations against the party and some (former) ÖVP politicians. The ministry has refused to release videos of Sabine Beinschab’s interrogation on charges of abuse of law. The ÖVP had tried this through the U committee, after the defendant had previously been denied it, the “ZiB 2” reported on Thursday.

In the investigation affair, the prosecutor’s office for affairs and corruption is not only investigating Sebastian Kurz and people from his environment, but also against the ÖVP as a party. However, like all parties, the ÖVP is part of the parliamentary scrutiny in the subcommittee – which tries to clarify the incidents politically.

ÖVP wanted to get videos through the underground commission
The ÖVP has now submitted an application via the University Committee for the release of videos of the interrogation of opinion researcher Beinschab. The namesake of the “Beinschab-Österreich-Tool” has been granted leniency status by the WKStA.

Ministry rejected request
The Ministry of Justice, led by Alma Zadic, rejected the application of the ÖVP-U committee group – and with, according to the “ZiB 2”, clear words: it testified that the ÖVP wanted to go beyond legal limits, accused it of abuse of law and expressed fears that the video could be passed on.

ÖVP party leader Andreas Hanger was “outraged” and “sharply” rejected the allegations. You just wanted to “get a complete picture”. It is surprising that the ministry questions the fundamental right of parliamentary scrutiny.

NEOS party leader Stephanie Krisper, on the other hand, understood that “the judiciary has put a stop to it” – because from her point of view, the ÖVP wants to use the U-committee to get benefits from the ÖVP for suspects. That was “unacceptable under the rule of law” and unacceptable, she said. However, the ÖVP is not giving up: it has already sent another request to the Ministry of Justice to provide the desired material.

Source: Krone


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