PP+Cs will also table an amendment to the entire 2023 Basque budget


Azpiazu says trust in the negotiating process has been “breached” and denounces the PP+Cs coalition’s “lack of respect”.

The group of PP+Cs will also present in the Basque Parliament an amendment to the full budget project prepared by the Basque government for 2023, as published this Friday by Basque newspaper.

Economy and Finance Minister Pedro Azpiazu recalled that the PP “promised to give an answer on Wednesday” when the third meeting took place to try to further define positions on the accounts. Hearing the position of the people from the press is a “disrespect” for which the counsel believes that “confidence in the negotiation process has been broken”.

“It is unfortunate to see the theatrical use that some parties are making of the negotiations. It shows little seriousness,” Azpiazu complained in a note released by his department.

The adviser has also indicated that PP-Cs in his negotiating position “affect fiscal issues”, despite the fact that the Basque government has made it “clearly clear” that this issue will not be part of the budget talks.

The amendment to all popular amendments adds to those already announced by EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Podemos-IU, the other two opposition groups with which the Azpiazu ministry has tried to reach agreement on budgets, as Vox was excluded from the round of negotiations.

In any case, the bills have guaranteed approval, as the factions that support the Basque government (PNV and PSE-EE) have a majority in the Basque parliament.

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Source: EITB


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