Minister announces – how Polaschek now wants to turn the curricula upside down


School teachers in Austria are groaning under the burden of massive staff shortages and escalating bureaucracy. ÖVP Education Minister Martin Polaschek promises a cure in an interview with the “Krone” and explains his reform plans for teacher education. This includes shortening the duration of training.

The current situation is that aspiring lecturers can start their career after their bachelor’s degree and do a master’s while working. Originally, this model was designed in such a way that you can gain work experience in the classroom in addition to your studies. Due to the enormous shortage of teachers, some of the teachers who have not yet completed their education work full-time and are overwhelmed with their studies.

“That doesn’t work, we have to change something,” says Polaschek, referring to the launched department strategy “Great job”, which starts exactly at this point.

Source: Krone


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