National Council resolution – Option for remote prescriptions will be expanded


On Wednesday, the National Council expanded the ability for pharmacies to use so-called remote prescriptions. This means that a doctor sends a prescription directly to the pharmacy, so you don’t have to go to the practice. In addition, the provision of free antigen tests has been extended by six months.

The ability to prescribe remotely was also introduced during the corona pandemic and has not been extended recently. It is not clear from an initial notification how long it is now valid. In any case, it should be noted that the patient must not have left ELGA in order to use the remote prescription. The doctor enters the prescription in the electronic patient file. Those affected can still avoid going to the practice, for example by calling and requesting that the prescription be sent to their own address.

On Wednesday, the National Council also decided on further measures to be taken by pharmacies. For example, the exemption regulation for being able to send health data of prescription drugs by e-mail will be expanded. Narcotics prescriptions are primarily used to relieve pain, but are also used in drug replacement therapy.

Corona tests and vaccinations extended
The provision of free corona antigen tests by pharmacies, the possibility of being dismissed due to a corona statement and the authorization of doctors to carry out vaccinations against Covid-19 (each time for six months) will also be extended. The same goes for performing tests on asymptomatic people in medical practices. In addition, the National Council extended an emergency stock of Covid-19 protective equipment and medical products until mid-2023. This is to ensure that any bottlenecks or peaks in demand can be accommodated for a certain period of time.

What is new is that there are no longer subject-specific restrictions for vaccinations. This means that, for example, paediatricians can also vaccinate the parents at the same time.

Source: Krone


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