NYPD evidence warehouse on fire


It took firefighters two days to seal off the facilities

Crimes, robberies, assaults… No wonder the smoke billowing from New York Police Department (NYPD) warehouses was so black and thick. The massive fire that started Monday at the warehouses where the NYPD cops store evidence of its relatively “cold” cases was still burning the next day, and with it hopes for justice.

Decades of unsolved crimes went up in flames before the stunned look of Patrol Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, who didn’t want to give up everything until they could go in to “assess the damage.” But hour after hour, day after day, the flames multiplied, leaving little to judge. The warehouse in Brooklyn’s Red Hook neighborhood also housed numerous electric bicycles, the lithium batteries of which exploded one after the other, mimicking the fire. To the point where the police had to use their drones to alert the firefighters where the lights appeared. Six firefighters and two police officers were injured in the initial attempts, before the shed was revealed to be a minefield.

Soon the place was in danger of collapsing and the choking duties had to be transferred to the sea, with six fireboats firing water mains. It wasn’t just the cold suitcases and hot bikes that burned, it was also the body’s deepest memories. There was Officer Ed Byrne’s squad car, who was shot in the head in 1988 while guarding the home of a protected witness who was about to testify in a drug case. He had just turned 22, five days earlier. Or the mobile cubicle of Detective Miostis Familia, a single mother of three, murdered at age 48 by an unbalanced gunman. And it is that the police also have a small heart. The warehouse was largely its own museum of heartfelt relics.

It was not the first time bags of evidence were destroyed. During Hurricane Sandy a decade ago, flooding threatened the viability of blood, sweat, semen and other DNA evidence stored on this property. Fortunately, it’s not the only one the NYPD has in town for this. There are believed to be six others, guaranteeing that all is not lost, at least for all the victims of the world’s most filmed city in cop shows.

Source: La Verdad


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