Parties disagree – U-committee: Number of meeting days still open


As you know, the ÖVP U-committee has been expanded. However, it remains unclear how many days the interrogation should take place before the end of the intended taking of evidence on February 1. To date, no white smoke has risen in the talks between the factions.

SPÖ group leader Jan Krainer now writes a letter to the chairman, the chairman of the National Council, Wolfgang Sobotka (ÖVP), and passes the ball to him.

Krainer complains about the lack of agreement
In the letter, Krainer complains that due to the lack of agreement between the political groups on the addition to the work plan for 2023, no meeting dates have been set so far.

“Because of the regulations”, Sobotka has the task to “submit a proposal for such an addition to the work plan”. In such cases, Sobotka had always returned the ball to the parliamentary groups (both in the Ibiza U committee and in the ÖVP U committee) and asked for agreement.

It should be reloaded soon
In turn, Krainer proposes three meeting dates (survey days) in the letter – on January 11, 18 and 25. Investor Rene Benko, ex-ÖVP boss Michael Spindelegger, FMA boss Eduard Müller, ex-finance minister Hans Jörg Schelling, ÖVP club president August Wöginger or ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz will be invited to these days.

If it is up to Krainer, the parliamentary administration should now clarify the availability of the information providers for the three days. If an information provider has not yet been invited, this should be done later.

Source: Krone


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