Sánchez hopes Algerian ambassador returns soon and insists on his position on the Sahara


The Spanish president says they have “extraordinary coordination and cooperation with the government of Algeria”, while defending his change of position to “align” with what France or Germany are saying about Western Sahara.

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that he is expecting the Algerian Ambassador to Spain, Said Moussi, come back in a “short time” after being called for consultations following the executive agreement with Morocco on Western Sahara.

“We hope that we can resolve this diplomatic issue within a short time,” he assured in an interview on Antena 3, defending the possibility that Spain “can maintain a positive and strategic relationship” with Morocco and Algeria.

Sánchez has assured that Spain is cooperating with Algeria in areas other than energy, such as security or control of illegal migration flows. “Eventually we have a coordination and cooperation with the government of Algeria extraordinaryhe noted.

Similarly, Sánchez stressed that relations with Morocco are “strategic” in migration policy, but also in the fight against terrorism, police cooperation and the fight against drug trafficking, as well as in economic matters. “Spain’s third largest trading partner outside the European Union is Morocco, so having stable relationships of trust, security and stability with Morocco is paramount for Spain,” he assured.

In this key, the leader of the Executive regret “disagree” on the issue of Western Sahara with United We Can and with the People’s Party and has emphasized that the government of Spain is “adapting” to United Nations Security Council resolutions and also “adapting” to what other countries such as France are say or Germany.

However, he emphasized that since 2007 there are two options to resolve this conflict in Western Sahara, one of which is the right to self-determination defended by some actors, such as the Polisario Front, but there is also a proposal that Morocco launched and is going through an autonomy for Western Sahara within Morocco. “These are the two proposals on the table and recognized by United Nations Security Council resolutions,” he added.

In this sense, he pointed out that countries such as France, Germany or the United States “They have denied that it would be interesting to start exploring this second alternative to unblock a conflict that has been going on for nearly 50 years,” he concluded.

Source: EITB


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