Household tax on the way? – The GIS fee should be phased out by 2024


The future of the media giant: it’s about the core and a lot of money.

The ORF must emerge from the constraints of politics, but politics must decide the future of the ORF. ÖVP minister Susanne Raab has ordered cuts. The GIS model should be obsolete by 2024. For example, the Greens want money from the budget. Experts such as Peter Plaikner warn against political influences and the household levy is increasingly becoming the preferred option. “That would be the best and fairest solution.” Monthly contribution per household, the poor are exempt. The ORF could win about 800 million annually.

But where should you save? The minister passes the ball to the ORF. For SPÖ club deputy Jörg Leichtfried, it is “hypocritical” that Raab is demanding cuts when the ÖVP has pushed through turquoise posts in the administrative area. The ÖVP announces that this is an opposition joke. Constructive talks are being held with the Greens and all financing models are being scrutinized.

Shouldn’t be “Provincial Governor TV”.
Peter Plaikner: “I’m with Raab – savings need to be made. The question is: Do all formats meet the public service mandate?” He wouldn’t start with the state studios: “They are expensive, but identity-forming culture carriers. But you have to be careful that it’s not a state governor’s TV.”

Source: Krone


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