Trend continues – civilian service is still very popular with boys


In the social sector, every helping hand is more than welcome – in 2022 more young men served as “civil servants” again…

Whether in rescue services, care for the elderly or hospitals – civil servants have been the mainstay of many social institutions since the early 2000s at the latest. In the previous year, exactly 14,370 young men served as “Zivis”. That is an increase of no less than 1.5 percent compared to 2021, according to the current balance sheet. This means that the so-called coverage of needs is 87.8 percent and has also increased.

The positive trend should continue
It would take nearly 16,400 “Zivis” to fill all the required positions. But: “We were able to cover the needs of the facilities a little better than the year before. For 2023, we will have another 6.4 percent more community service reports, which means that I am confident that we can continue the positive trend,” explains the responsible State Secretary Claudia Plakolm.

More pay with the new year
Since the beginning of the year, both military and civil servants have paid significantly better – from 362 to 536 euros. That would be just right in times of rising prices, according to Plakolm. In general, the social sector is desperate for workers. Community service is the first contact with the industry for young people. The hope of politicians is that it is better for more than a few to “get stuck”.

By the way, most of the “Zivis” work in rescue services, followed by the disabled and social assistance. Care for the elderly comes in third place, as the graph (above) shows.

Source: Krone


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