The first figures are here – hypothermic secret meeting for ORF funding


It was the excitement at the start of the year: Media Minister Susanne Raab is demanding a reduction in the ORF’s box office in the dispute over future funding. After the politicians’ austerity ultimatum, there was now a first secret meeting with General Manager Roland Weißmann: the first figures for the end of the mandatory allowances are on the table.

After the political “red pencil order” on state radio, which was also announced via “Krone”, media minister Susanne Raab and general manager Roland Weißmann discussed for two hours on Thursday. In light of the “TV duel” on Küniglberg with “ZiB 2” presenter Martin Thür and ÖVP chancellor Nehammer in a rather cool atmosphere.

Both sides apparently remained firm on the issue, but the tone was fair. The ORF boss, who estimated a huge gap of 325 million euros by 2026, will now come up with a cash register in the coming weeks. The focus is on the games with the first number.

Source: Krone


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