Drama near London – dog sitter bitten to death by protégés


A dog sitter in England has been assaulted and killed on at least one of her charges. The 28-year-old was with several dogs in Caterham, south London, police said on Friday. A second woman, who has nothing to do with the fatal accident, was slightly injured. She was taken to a hospital.

What exactly happened on Thursday afternoon at the popular destination Gravelly Hill is still under investigation. The 28-year-old dog sitter was at least out with some of her protégés. She may have been attacked by one or more of the animals. A witness describes the horror scenes to the “Daily Mail”: “The dogs were crazy, attacking anything in a pack that got in their way.”

Eight dogs seized by police
The dog sitter is said to have shouted to two riders who had come with their horses to leave. The scene was chaotic, the dogs partially disappeared into the woods. Police had to use helicopters to search for the animals.

Eight dogs were confiscated and handed over to their owners. The dog breeds are not banned, but one of the dogs had already been spotted for attacking and biting a human, police said. To date there have been no arrests.

Dog owners face jail time
How many dogs a dog sitter is allowed to walk at the same time is determined by the individual municipalities. It is recommended that there are no more than four animals at a time, with one leading insurer accepting up to six dogs. If the police can find out which of the dogs killed the young woman on that dramatic day, the owners risk 14 years in prison and heavy fines.

Source: Krone


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