The Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Galdakao will file allegations against the call to stop Usansolo’s trial


The term expires today and the Supreme Court of the Basque Country will make a decision next month.

Euskaraz irakurri: Bizkaiko Aldundiak et Galdakaok alegazioak aurkeztuko dizkiote Usansoloren prozesua geldiarazteko helegiteari

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Municipal Council of Galdakao will file charges against the appeal filed by the state attorney at stop the withdrawal process from Usansol. The term expires todayand the Supreme Court of the Basque Country will make a decision next month.

The prosecutor appealed against the agreement approved by the General Assemblies of Bizkaia late Decembergiven that withdrawal violated the requirement that new municipalities have a minimum of 5,000 inhabitantswhich is laid down in Article 13.2 of the Law of Bases of Local Regime.

Currently, Usans only has 4520 inhabitantsso it doesn’t reach the five thousand marked by state law.

The General Assemblies of Bizkaia approved last November the Galdakao Municipal Council’s request for the segregation of Usansolo and its establishment as an independent municipality. Thus it became municipality 113 of Bizkaia.

As expected, the agreement received the votes in favour PNV, EH Bildu and Elkarrekin Bizkaia; PP abstained, while PSE-EE voted against.

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Source: EITB


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