For special session NR – inflation: FPÖ denounces “ambiguity” of the SPÖ


On Tuesday before the special session of the National Council the day after, the PVV denounced the SPÖ’s “ambiguity”. On the one hand, the Social Democrats would convene a “special show” on inflation, but on the other hand, the SPÖ, where it rules, is itself a driver of inflation, Secretary-General Michael Schnedlitz criticized.

Tuesday’s special session is in connection with the upcoming state elections in Lower Austria, in which the SPÖ must expect a defeat, Schnedlitz was convinced at a press conference: “The SPÖ is now trying to save something with a special show session, but it is not going to work.” succeed.”

Wherever Social Democracy rules, as in Vienna or Carinthia, everything becomes more expensive for the people. The SPÖ has a “credibility problem”, according to FPÖ construction spokesman Philipp Schrangl. Because while SPÖ boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner is demanding a rent freeze, Viennese mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) is raising it “mercilessly” together with Wiener Wohnen.

Called for sanctions against Russia
The “separate parties” narrative that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine alone is responsible for inflation is not being true by repetition, Schnedlitz argued. Because in reality, the Corona policy has already laid the foundation. The monetary policy of the ECB then played a role. “Now we are facing the rubble associated with the price hike.” The FPÖ MP said that the Corona policy and sanctions against Russia should come to an end.

Schnedlitz also announced a number of motions for the special session. In addition to abolishing CO2 pricing, the liberals want to table motions to halve or abolish VAT on fuel, gas and electricity. In addition, there are calls for a VAT reduction or a price cap on a shopping basket of basic foodstuffs.

SPÖ calls for “anti-inflation committee”
The SPÖ had requested the special session on inflation last week. “We are in a dramatic situation and have a federal government that does not recognize or does not want to see this drama,” said vice club boss Jörg Leichtfried. In Tuesday’s meeting, the SPÖ wants to request a rent freeze until 2025, a gas price cap and the creation of an “anti-inflation committee”.

ÖGB President Wolfgang Katzian again urged the latter on Tuesday. The model for the anti-inflation commission is the euro price commission, which was created when the shilling was converted to the euro. “The time for observation and analysis is over, now an anti-pricing committee must actively intervene,” Katzian said in a broadcast. It will be given far-reaching powers, such as the ability to conduct price controls and conduct company audits.

Source: Krone


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