Helga Krismer in the conversation – Greens on FPÖ: A party of “climate deniers”


The top candidate of the Greens, Helga Krismer, wants to fully exploit the energy wealth in Lower Austria. The country is said to be rich in cultural and natural treasures and it is therefore quite possible to be climate neutral in 2030, says the trained veterinarian in an interview with moderator Tanja Pfaffeneder.

Wind turbines and photovoltaic systems are needed in Lower Austria and the green top candidate Helga Krismer is convinced of this project. There must be some 330 systems to meet the energy roadmap in 2030. The politician feels the support of the people and wants to collect a lot of votes to change something. “The question that arises in Lower Austria is whether it is the climate deniers who are in government in Lower Austria, especially the Freedom Party,” Krismer said.

In search of alternatives to Russian natural gas, climate minister Leonore Gewessler, among others, flew to Abu Dhabi in a private jet. When asked if you also had a role model function as a politician and could not travel otherwise, the Lower Austrian member of the state parliament said that you can always be petty in retrospect, but it is about the big stories in the country that you should reasonably pay attention to .

Climate blockades and protests
There is a lot of excitement about the climate stickers and their protests beyond the borders. In Austria there are regular campaigns by climate activists. This is exactly what you need to look closely at, says Krismer in an interview. “Climate stickers only tell us that others are sitting by their seats and ruining the future.” The country must become a European model region.

“Where quality is, there must be inside”
In mid-December, cases of serious animal abuse in chicken farms came to light. Krismer is disappointed with the incidents and lack of politics so far. The system is changed, other control systems come into force.

You can see the entire interview with Helga Krismer in the video above. Watch Krone LIVE Monday through Friday from 9am.

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