Van der Bellen emphasizes: – No automatic government order for Kickl


Alexander Van der Bellen clearly distances himself from Herbert Kickl! The Federal President made it clear on Wednesday that the FPÖ leader could not be sure that if he won the election, he would automatically be given the task of forming a government. He particularly criticized the “anti-European course of the liberals”.

Van der Bellen also criticized the FPÖ’s attitude to the war in Russia and recalled the raid on the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Clear words from the Federal President
With my measures he will not “try to promote an anti-European party, a party that does not condemn Russia’s war against Ukraine,” Van der Bellen said in an ORF interview on Wednesday night, according to the Abendjournal. for his second swearing-in at ORF2. Not only does he take the oath of office on the constitution, but he is also committed to his conscience.

The Federal President passed on the question of whether that meant he would not automatically entrust Kickl with the formation of a government, even if the FPÖ finished first in the National Council elections – saying that Kickl should be asked and not him, “whether it was right to raid his own house, against the Ministry of the Interior, which led to nothing, except that the foreign intelligence services lost all confidence in Austria and and and….”

Kickl believes in a government mandate when it comes to first place
Interesting: Kickl said in a “ZiB 2” interview last week that he doesn’t think Van der Bellen would refuse to ask him to form a government if the FPÖ became the party with the most votes after the next election. He had a conversation with him recently, Kickl reported, and the Federal President justified his resignation as Interior Minister only by saying that the Chancellor had suggested it to him. Van der Bellen gave no other explanation.

Source: Krone


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