The Ministry of Defense is developing the Leopard de Zaragoza


Margarita Robles has emphasized that the shipment of the tanks must be accompanied by personnel for training and maintenance and has reported that the first coordination meeting between 8 countries will be held today.

Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles pointed out this Thursday that her team is already working with the industry to determine which Leopard 2A4s can be recovered for tuning and shipment to Ukraine.

In principle, the tanks that can be prepared are those stored in Zaragoza, in an army logistics center, although some of them have been out of use for years.

In this sense, Minister Robles has emphasized that the delivery must be accompanied by training and that all countries are engaged in the spare parts and maintenance of the main battle tanks. “It’s not about saying, without further ado, now we’re going to ship,” he stated, adding that these shipments must be accompanied by personnel who know how to use the carts and also have the knowledge to do their maintenance.

First coordination meeting

Speaking to journalists, Margarita Robles also announced that a first meeting between eight countries will be held this afternoon and has been convened by the German Defense Minister. In it, they will begin to negotiate what each country’s contribution can be and also the training required for the use of main battle tanks.

In fact, the minister has reported in a letter that the Ukrainian minister has asked her for help in training in the use of tanks.

Finally, when Margarita Robles was asked about the controversy with part of the government and the opposition that the sending of the main battle tanks has generated, she replied that the material is “intended to defend the citizens of Ukraine”.

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Source: EITB


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