Retiree representatives: – “Pension allocation must be lifted quickly”


The representatives of the seniors will meet today, Tuesday, with Minister of Social Affairs Johannes Rauch (Greens): an important point is the “unjust zodiac rule” when adjusting for inflation.

The partial granting of pensions enrages the SPÖ and representatives of senior citizens. Now there is a meeting between the Senior Council, led by President Ingrid Korosec (ÖVP), and Minister of Social Affairs Rauch. In the opinion of experts, the inflation correction, which is spread per month, is unconstitutional.

SPÖ threatens to sue the Supreme Court
SPÖ leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner and party friend and Carinthian governor Peter Kaiser threaten to sue the Supreme Court if turquoise-green does not flout the “zodiac rule” (the “Krone” reported). “I have been calling for a long time to stop aliquoting,” says Korosec, who wants to “talk with his conscience” with SPÖ colleague Peter Kostelka Rauch.

Since 2022, the inflation correction is spread over the first year of retirement. If you leave in January you get 100 percent, in February 90 percent, etc. There is a zero increase in November and December. Aliquoting is especially discriminatory against women, says Korosec. Due to the gradual increase in the retirement age from 2024, the cut-off date for all women in the next ten years will fall in the second half of the year.

Korosec: “This negative effect is reinforced by the enormous price increase. The aliquoting should therefore be removed as soon as possible.”

Source: Krone


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