“Still a long way” – This is how the cabinet wants to improve women’s policy


While women’s policy in Austria hardly stands out according to critics, the governing parties seized International Women’s Day to announce their measures in the field of equality. The planned improvement in wage transparency is particularly emphasized, but the expansion of childcare is also mentioned.

There is still a long way to go before there is actual equality, admitted State Secretary Claudia Plakolm (ÖVP). “Let’s be role models for each other together,” she pleaded. “Impatient” and “Grant” evoke the subject in her, said Sigrid Maurer, president of the Groenenclub.

The fact that she is often the only woman left in negotiating rounds “makes me incredibly angry”. For the Greens, however, it is “every day Women’s Day” and feminist politics is practiced daily and “in every ministry”, she assured.

Greens want more “speed”
For example, Plakolm and Maurer listed the increase in the women’s budget, measures in the field of women’s health and more funds for the expansion of childcare, with the Green Club president urging the states to “accelerate” the latter. Incidentally, the legal right to childcare from one year, as demanded by the Greens, is still not in sight – Plakolm thought it was more important that the offer was there at all.

Raab: “A lot has already been achieved”
Minister for Women Susanne Raab (ÖVP) also emphasized in a broadcast that the government had already achieved a lot. But further efforts are needed from society as a whole, “women’s politics is an absolute marathon”. For example, the pay gap between men and women has narrowed, but at 18.8 percent “still much too high”; when it comes to childcare, “real family choice” is needed.

Women must also be “actively included” when it comes to the future theme of digitization, the minister emphasized in a speech to the UN on Tuesday. Women worldwide benefit significantly less from digital advancements, but are disproportionately affected by the dangers.

More women on supervisory boards
Together with Economics Minister Martin Kocher (ÖVP), Raab delivered a speech to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, in which the government reaffirmed its commitment to increase the number of women on supervisory boards. A lot has already happened here – for example, 40 of the 54 companies with a federal interest of at least 50 percent have already met or exceeded the 40 percent federal women’s quota due to be introduced by the end of the legislature. In 2011 there were 16.

Source: Krone


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