Joseba Erremundeguy’s opinion and assessment of the results in Iparralde


Looking ahead to Macron’s second term, the Baiona councilor and representative of the Basque Commonwealth hopes that the president will act humbly and listen to the requests made to him from Iparralde, including guaranteeing the model of linguistic immersion in Basque .

The day after the presidential elections held in France this Sunday, Bayonne’s councilor, Joseba Erremundeguy, expressed satisfaction that the far right has not been imposed and democratic and European values ​​have been imposed. In turn, he has not hidden his concerns about the rise of the far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, in Iparralde, true has increased both in number and percentage of votes Likewise, Le Pen has been imposed in some small municipalities and in an electoral college in Baiona.

According to Joseba Erremundeguy, people generally do not feel identified with Macron. In his opinion, Macron has pursued a very liberal policy, although at the beginning he said his mandate would have a liberal first phase and a more social second. “That has not been implemented,” he added.

On the other hand, he believes that Macron lacked humility He has also branded both Macron and his ministers as arrogant. Given yesterday’s results, Erremundeguy hopes Macron and his representatives will act humbly from now on.

When asked about the results in Iparralde, the Iparralde representative emphasized that: Macron has lost support compared to the elections of five years ago, in both the first and second rounds. Looking ahead to the next five years, the Baiona councilor hopes Macron will listen to the requests made to him from Iparraldesuch as guaranteeing the immersion model in Basque, that the ‘brebeta’ and ‘baxoa’ exams can be taken in Basque, territoriality or the question of prisoners.

overlooking the Legislative elections in July, has pointed out that there are three alternatives: Macron, the far right, and Melenchon (left). In any case, he does not know whether voters identify with any of these three options, especially in the Iparralde. While he believes Macron is starting with an advantage, he has recalled that the voter profile is changing from the presidential election to the legislative election and that some only participate in the election to elect the president.

Source: EITB


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