ERC’s support for the plan of measures to deal with the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine is questionable


ERC describes Spain’s government’s steps to clear up espionage as “inadequate” and “cosmetic” and warns that the “Catalan gate” “affects and conditions” relations and trust with the executive. In addition, four pro-independence representatives who were spied on asked Batet for protection.

Like the Minister of the Spanish Presidency, Felix Bolaños, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, today discussed the initiatives of the government of Spain to address the complaints about the alleged espionage to more than 60 Catalan and Basque separatists, including setting up the Official Secrets Commission of Congress, releasing National Intelligence Center (CNI) documents and opening an “internal control” for the institution.

However, these initiatives neither satisfy nor convince the General Government, which considers them “inadequate” and purely “cosmetic”. ERC urges to demand “resignation” and warns Pedro Sánchez’s government that “if it does not move”, the ERC cannot provide parliamentary support.

A support that could be in the air next Thursday when Congress must ratify the Act on the Royal Decree on Urgent Measures to deal with the crisis stemming from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with which the government will mobilize 16,000 million euros and which a minimum bonus of 20 cents on every liter of fuel or a ceiling of 2% on rent increases, among other things.

The Deputy Secretary General and ERC Spokesperson, Martha Vilalta He pointed out at a press conference that the government of Spain should be “much better informed” in this area these days. “We will see in the coming hours how the state government’s facts and actions evolve. Based on this, we will finalize our positions on the next votes in the Congress of Deputies and the Senate,” he emphasized.

Pedro Sánchez’s director must not only investigate the matter, give all the explanations and clarify the facts, but also “take on responsibilities”which you think should be translated into dismissal of those responsible.

Vilalta believes there is no doubt that the state is behind this alleged espionage and that the government was aware of it. not be resolved in “an internal investigation without guarantees”.

Vilalta has warned that the ‘Catalan Gate’ “affects and conditions” possible support for various projects, because in his opinion the rights of many people have been violated and trust has been violated with the central government.

Asked if the dialogue table could reconvene if those responsible for the case have not resigned earlier, Vilalta said they will “never leave the banner of negotiation” and demanded the government, if it really bets on dialogue. , to create the conditions for the table to move forward.

Protection petition to Batet

On the other hand, the deputies of EH Bildu Jon Inarritufrom JxCAT Miram Nogueras, from PDeCAT Ferrán Bel and from CUP Albert Botrán They have asked Congressional President Meritxell Batet for investigate the alleged espionage to which they have been subjected via their Congressional mobile phones, as the House of Commons operation has been attacked.

In a registered letter last Thursday, the four deputies urged Batet to investigate who is behind the Pegasus operation and to take measures to ensure that similar events do not happen again.

In the letter, they recall that the “inviolability of the Chamber (Art. 66.3 CE) is an institutional guarantee that is a necessary condition to ensure the independence of the Congress of Deputies” and confirm that the interference in their mobile devices has been an “attack on our political activities and our fundamental rights”

“As members of the Cortes Generales, we believe that not only have our fundamental rights, the protection of which serve our parliamentary prerogatives, been violated by violating the guarantees to be able to carry out political work in freedom,” they emphasize, after insisting. pointed out that “freedom of expression and political pluralism and democracy” has been violated.

They emphasize that “given the political relations these groups maintain with the rest of the political forces, this case of espionage indirectly involved an attack on the entire Congress of Deputies and its effective operation.”

Source: EITB


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