“Musical roots” – Ex-NEOS boss Strolz annoys as a techno yodel


Ex-NEOS boss Matthias Strolz has repeatedly attracted attention with bizarre appearances on the internet after his political career. “2023 will bring a creative burst,” he said in January. He now presented a first taste of it on his Twitter channel. In a video, the 49-year-old presents himself in traditional Vorarlberg costume as a techno yodel. Does he want to compete with Andreas Gabalier?

“We are working to take yodeling to the next level,” Strolz explains his new music project on Twitter. And adds: “We are working on our outfit for the stage. Today a tribute to my musical roots.”

“An option?”
According to him, the traditional outfit comes from the Harmoniemusik Wald am Arlberg, of which he was a member until 1993. “An option?” Strolz asks his followers.

Strolz as musician:

“The only thing missing is a duo with Naschenweng”
The video has already been diligently commented on. “It’s not yodeling without the disco ball!” writes TV presenter Corinna Milborn. Political adviser Josef Kalina cynically judges: “I don’t know what kind of therapy it is against. But the main thing is that it works.” And user Alexander List says, “The only thing missing is a duo against Melissa Naschenweng.”

Strolz has already announced on Twitter that the next musical performance will be in the spring.

Source: Krone


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