Many provocations – does turquoise green last? That speaks for early elections


The online readers of “Krone” favor early elections at the federal level. Although the ÖVP and the Greens officially want to hold out until autumn 2024, both parties are already in campaign mode. The FPÖ would be the big winner in new elections. The blues consistently ranks first in the polls.

More than 60 percent of online readers of “Krone” think new elections are a good idea. This is probably because the ÖVP and the Greens are already in campaign mode.

“Bum, bang” Chancellor
ÖVP boss Karl Nehammer positions himself as the “Brumm, rumm” chancellor and invites you to a car summit in the chancellery next week. Greens will not be found there. When it comes to asylum and migration, the ÖVP has long since lost interest in its coalition partner.

Provocation is playing with fire
Both sides assure at every opportunity that they want to hold out until 2024. However, the mutual provocations play with fire and can quickly develop a dynamic of their own. From a tactical and logical point of view, the ÖVP and the Greens have no reason “to shorten their term of office themselves”, political scientist Peter Filzmaier analyzed in an interview with “Krone”.

Green mandatary accuses ÖVP of clientele politics
Only the FPÖ would benefit from early elections. “But those are purely tactical considerations without emotions” – and the Greens recently showed that they can play a major role. Mandate Nina Tomaselli accused the ÖVP of clientelism in a very emotional speech in parliament, and Social Affairs Minister Johannes Rauch expressed the wish for an SPÖ-Greens-NEOS coalition there.

Out for green super ministry
Such a coalition, if formed at all, would noticeably weaken the Greens. The eco-party should share influence and resources with the Neos. The more than lavishly equipped climate protection department would disappear. The ÖVP will also have to lose its feathers. With more than 37 percent of the last elections in 2020, she currently receives no less than 13.1 million euros in party money annually. Political scientist Hubert Sickinger calculates that if it falls back to the 24-25 percent predicted in surveys, there will be only half left.

A new EU Commissioner will be appointed in 2024
The European Parliament elections in May 2024 speak against new elections. If the Greens and ÖVP rule regularly until autumn 2024, they will decide on the appointment of the next Austrian EU Commissioner. If you choose early, someone else gets to decide. The post of commissioner has always been occupied by ÖVP politicians since 1995. Incumbent Commissioner Johannes Hahn has held this position since 2010.

Source: Krone


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