Now for Doskozil – Luger completes a complete turnaround in the leadership dispute


Just a few months ago, the mayor of Linz, Klaus Luger (SPÖ), sharply criticized his fellow party member Hans Peter Doskosil, accusing him of harming the SPÖ. Now Luger makes a 180-degree turn and favors Doskozil as the new party leader.

“I find the approach chosen by the Burgenland governor to be totally lacking in solidarity and, moreover, incorrect,” Luger said at the end of November. The governor of Burgenland had then launched a poll stating that the SPÖ would do better with him as the top candidate than with Pamela Rendi-Wagner. This approach harms the party.

Luger suddenly came out on Monday as a supporter of the former defense minister. In the OÖN he announces that he will vote for him in the member survey.

“No Matter of Faith”
For him, Doskozil is the personality most likely to lead the party and successfully lead it to an election campaign for the National Council, says the mayor. But Luger also argues that the debate within the party should not become too emotional. All three candidates are on the spectrum of social democracy, but represent different tendencies. “It’s certainly a crucial question of who we choose to preside, but it’s not a matter of belief,” says Luger.

Closer to the issue of asylum
What Luger does not mention, but should play a role: the city manager was recently confronted with plans for two asylum seekers’ homes in the state capital, which he is resolutely fighting against. In comrade Doskozil at the top, who is known for his support for a restrictive asylum policy, Luger now sees a possible comrade-in-arms in this matter.

Emperor for Babler
Andreas Babler, who together with Doskozil and Rendi-Wagner is answering the question of membership of the party leadership, can look forward to the press spokesman of the Carinthian governor Peter Kaiser as a supporter since the weekend. It is almost more remarkable that Babler’s tour for the party chairmanship on April 22 even leads directly to the state organization in Klagenfurt. Kaiser himself has not yet publicly announced who he will vote for in the poll.

Source: Krone


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