Sare holds a protest festival in San Sebastian for the rights of Basque prisoners


On October 8, Su Ta Gar, Doctor Deseo, Belako, Zea Mays, Esne Beltza, Dupla, Rotten XIII and Trikidantzak will perform. With this, the citizen network puts an end to the Izan Bidea dynamic, in support of the rapprochement of Basque prisoners.

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskal presoen eskubideen aldeko musika jaialdia egingo du Sarek urriaren 8an Donostian

The Sare citizen network has organized for the following October 8 in Illumbe, San Sebastián, a protest music festival for the rights of prisoners Basques. Also under the motto “Etxera bidea gertu”intends to make a “smashing commitment to coexistence”, in which groups such as Are Ta Gar, Doctor Wish, Belako, Zea Mays, Esne Beltza, Dupla, Rotten XIII or Trikidantzak, among other things.

At a press conference in the capital Gipuzkoa, Sare .’s spokesman said Joseba Azkarragaaccompanied by the also spokesperson for the citizens’ network Bego Atxarecalled that over the past two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has prevented “large-scale mobilizations” from being carried out for health and safety reasons, and the travel of Sare supporters “in a thousand ways and shapes” with the aim of realizing the 3,127,326 kilometers of the challenge that characterized these years, “as many as there are inhabitants in Euskal Herria”.

Sare’s spokesperson has the “exception” situation which, in his opinion, continues “in the case of the penitentiary policy applied to the group of Basque prisoners” and has encouraged people to continue to participate in the initiative Izan Bidea “walk until October 8 to reach this more than three million kilometers” and continue to demand “the end of the distance policy, that little by little, is ending

However, he pointed out that there is still a long way to go, and reminded that there is still a long way to go above 90 prisoners far from their homes, “in prisons in Spain as well as in France, and many are denied their right to prison permits.”

Azkarraga stressed that the exceptional prison policy “remains the rule applicable to Basque prisoners”, and that for this reason Sare continues to mobilize Basque society, “and demands from the institutions the end of this situation

Bet on coexistence

Sare reiterates that on October 8, San Sebastián will be “the scene of a bet” sounding for coexistence” under the slogan “Etxera bidea gertu”, with a great mobilization starting at 11:00 a.m. from the Boulevard to carry out the last kilometers of the Izan Bidea initiative, to later make way for a “colorful demonstration”Bee 12:00 o’clockof Pius XII.

The mobilization ends with a simple act outside the Illumbewhere after the statement they will open the bars for the music festival that the . will start 15:30 and that lasts until dawn. There are also children’s activities, food and drink stalls; “Ultimately we want it to be a full day; claim and also party Because both things are compatible.

Source: EITB


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