Appearance Kern/Doskozil – Rendi-Wagner: “No need to comment on everything”


While all the other former Red Chancellors rallied behind party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner for the membership poll and subsequent federal party leader vote at the party conference in June, Christian Kern has yet to speak out publicly. But now he appears together with Rendi-Wagner’s challenger Hans Peter Doskozil as part of a “friendship tour”. The party leader stated on Wednesday: “You don’t have to comment on everything.”

When asked by journalists in the Red Foyer whether they were aware of the plans of the former ÖBB boss in advance, Rendi-Wagner explained: “I am not familiar with Mr. Doskozil’s appointment calendar. That is why I also knew none of it.” But the party leader did not want to say more about it.

Silent criticism of comrades from Salzburg
Regarding the poor performance of the Salzburg comrades under top candidate David Egger and Doskozil’s warning that the Social Democrats could mutate into “Schmiedl” in social policy, while the KPÖ was seen as a “Schmiedl”, the party leader: “In order to gain confidence and elections, you need a substantively consistent attitude. When it comes to social issues, the SPÖ has credibility.” With regard to Salzburg, Rendi-Wagner explained that it would have been better to distinguish yourself from the FPÖ.

More important to the SPÖ leader than the presidential or presidential debate was Thursday’s parliamentary session, where her party was keen to talk about inflation and Austria’s “seriously ill” health system. Party leader Rendi-Wagner and her deputy, Jörg Leichtfried, who was also present, demanded that the federal government “finally take action” to counter “greed inflation” and the shortage of staff in hospitals and private practices.

If an old woman has to lie for hours waiting for her wounds to be treated, or if an outpatient clinic in every state has to close at least once a month due to lack of staff, only one diagnosis can be made, the police said. to Rendi-Wagner: “The Austrian health system is seriously ill and in urgent need of treatment.”

Requirements of the SPÖ for the health system
Again, the two demanded more study places at the medical universities, but also more training places in nursing or a training allowance. Ultimately, there must be a better social status and a higher remuneration for the nursing staff. In the private sector, Rendi-Wagner pushed for expansion of the general practitioner system using primary care centers. The Reds want to make these and other proposals palatable to Health Minister Johannes Rauch on Thursday.

Source: Krone


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