PSN, Geroa Bai and Podemos register the amendment to the far-right victim law


The aim of the proposal of the parties that are part of the Foral Government is to match the aid provided to victims of terrorism. Navarra Suma has already announced that she will vote against.

The groups belonging to the government of Navarra, PSN, Geroa Bai and Podemos, have submitted a foral bill in parliament for the amendment of Foral Law 16/2019, of March 26, of recognition and recovery of the victims for politically motivated acts provoked by groups extreme right or civil servants

The purpose of the amendment is that these victims can receive compensation as victims of terrorism. The initiative sets the compensation for death at 250,000 euros, 500,000 for severe disability, 180,000 for absolute permanent disability, 100,000 for total permanent disability and 75,000 for partial permanent disability. These amounts may be increased by descendants or minors dependent at the time of the events or death.

Spokespersons for the three groups said in statements to the media this Monday after the meeting of the Table and the Council of Spokespersons that “it is necessary to amend the law to continue taking steps towards recognition of the victims”.

The socialist spokesman, Ramón alzorrizexplained that the government developed the law of the last legislature despite voting against it and promising to change it.

For his part, Uxue Boatsvan Geroa Bai, explained that it involves updating a law passed in the last legislature that needs to be amended.

For the Podemos spokesperson, Mikel BuiltThe bill is needed to “establish benefits in favor of people who have been victims of violence for political reasons, and to ensure equal protection between groups of differentiated victims who can receive compensation for psychological and psychological harm.”

The amendment to the law will, foreseeably, be approved with the support of EH Bildu, as its spokesman, Bakartxo Ruiz, has noted that they coincide with this need, “because much needs to be done, for example in the recognition of torture victims and it’s something we’re making clear in the coexistence plan”.

On behalf of Navarra Suma, his spokesperson, Javier scatterpointed out, “It’s not our law, we voted against it and we’re not part of this law,” though he hasn’t clarified the reasons.

Source: EITB


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