In the “Krone” interview: – Erwin Proell now recommends Kurz “clear withdrawal”


The out-of-service governor of Lower Austria, Erwin Proell (ÖVP), normally deliberately refrains from commenting on day-to-day politics. He made an exception for the “Krone” and explains how he sees black and blue in Lower Austria, what he advises ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz and what coalition he wants after the next National Council elections.

“crown”:Mr. Proell, when was the last time you spoke to Johanna Mikl-Leitner?
Erwin Proell: I met her a week ago on Friday at Karl Landsteiner University’s tenth anniversary celebrations. I have had the honor of becoming an honorary senator of the university. The governor of the state gave the speech and we had a very nice conversation that morning, but not about day-to-day politics.

Source: Krone


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