Currently “Babysteps” – This is how the federal school spokeswoman sees the school system


She is the voice of a total of 1.1 million school children in Austria: In the TV interview with Conny Winiwarter, the spokeswoman for the federal school, Flora Schmudermayer, finds clear words: “The wheels in the education system turn very slowly.” Yet one does not give up on creating “the ‘perfect school'”. The fact that education in hotspot schools falls by the wayside is only ‘a stamp you put on it’.

Six applications have recently been drawn up in the Austrian student parliament and are now being presented personally to the Minister of Education. The basis for discussion is good. “These are always constructive conversations with decision makers. What we decide has weight,” says Schmudermayer with satisfaction. The applications in the field of AI, mental health and discrimination are then also dealt with in the National Council.

Only “baby steps” in education
Ideas are one thing, executing them is quite another. Concrete results or improvements in the field of education are still a long way off in many areas. “The wheels in the education system turn very slowly,” said the spokeswoman for the federal school. For example, the school subject of political education and media studies has been compulsory for 25 years – so far without success. In any case, the students agree about ChatGPT: “Artificial intelligence belongs at school.”

“Integration is better”
Schmudermayer, who has been in office for about 8 months, can already clearly state her main learning point: It would all be about having the right teacher – both success and failure. Especially in hotspot schools, the teachers are very involved and the students are very motivated, according to the spokeswoman for the federal school. Integration is “better”, but the fact that nothing happens in troubled schools is “just a stamp you put on it”.

In the video above you can see to what extent the subject of gender diversity is a peer pressure and from which party the young people feel best taken care of.

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