Accusation of money laundering – Causa Eurofighter: Charges against Siegfried Wolf


Bang into the Eurofighter complex! As the “Krone” has learned, the manager and investor Siegfried Wolf, former CEO of Magna International, will soon be tried in Graz. Just like former Magna board member Hubert Hödl. According to judicial insiders, the WKStA indictment is about money laundering and false testimony.

For more than a decade, the corruption hunters have been investigating suspected improper payment flows in the purchase of EADS-produced interceptors. The then head of Magna Europe is said to have been closely involved in the jet deal – keyword counter deals. In January 2020, the corruption hunters took the multimillionaire’s smartphone for investigating the Eurofighter case. The allegations now likely to lead to trial would be money laundering and false testimony.

Millions in gold?
As insiders report, it should also involve a suspected gold transport. An amount in the millions was exchanged for gold and brought across the border to Switzerland.

The second fact concerns false testimonials. Siegfried Wolf was interviewed by the Eurofighter Commission of Inquiry in 2018. It then concerned commissions for Eurofighter counter transactions of the Magna group.

The process should rise in Graz
The prosecutor’s office for affairs and corruption reportedly informed the suspect’s lawyers on Friday after the project report was approved by the reference council of the Ministry of Justice. A confirmation from the WKStA was still pending over the weekend.

The two top managers will be tried by the regional criminal court in Graz. It is unclear when the process will start. Because before that the defenders of Wolf and Hödl have the opportunity to object to the allegations.

Project report in Steuercausa
The WKStA is also investigating 65-year-old Siegfried Wolf in an offshoot of the Casinos-Causa: It involves an unusual tax credit of 600,000 euros for the investor worth millions from the tax authorities. There is a suspicion of bribery, in January 2022 both Wolf and the suspected tax officer were raided. According to the latest information from the WKStA, the project report in this line of research has not yet returned from the Ministry of Justice. The presumption of innocence applies to all of them.

Source: Krone


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