The pressure is already rising – Hans Peter Doskozil: From the hunter to the hunted


Hans Peter Doskozil gets pressure from the Greens, ÖVP and also in the party shortly after his choice of party leader (see video above). The headwind is likely to get even stronger.

Hans Peter Doskozil was the new SPÖ boss for less than 24 hours when he completed the role change from fighter to hunted. In particular, his first announcement at the party conference that he would not form a coalition with the FPÖ or the ÖVP in the future brought him headwinds instead of congratulations from political competitors for the new job: Doskozil was a splitter for the ÖVP, which was in the party left a lot of broken glass and a mountain of debt in Burgenland. “All this does not bode well for our country,” Secretary-General Christian Stocker said.

Ludwig: “I wouldn’t rule out too much”
Within the group, Doskozil has to lift a heavy backpack. Vienna’s mayor Michael Ludwig assessed Doskozil’s coalition announcement as only a “suggestion”. And he continued: “Today no one can estimate how many parties will be in the upcoming National Council. So I wouldn’t rule out too much.” At this point, the next fault line opens between Doskozil and Ludwig.

The disappointed Babler fans are calling to wait for Doskozil to fall and then take power with Andreas Babler. Daydreaming, however, overlooks the fact that the ÖVP will already rule with the FPÖ by then.

First strategy meeting in Eisenstadt
And the Greens in turn – after all one of Doskozil’s favorite coalition partners – demand that the SPÖ now come to its senses and give up the two-thirds blockade of important environmental laws in parliament.

The message is clear: Doskozil must deliver results quickly. On Sunday there was a first strategy meeting in Eisenstadt with allies from the federal states. The union leader Beppo Muchitsch should straighten out the front in the union. Prior to the SPÖ board meeting, there was to be a meeting with Vienna’s mayor, Ludwig, to discuss key personnel decisions with him. Doskozil’s “campaign” manager Max Lercher wants to act as party manager. To appease the Babler camp, MP Julia Herr is traded as the head of the club in Parliament. But SPÖ women’s boss Eva-Maria Holzleitner also has a chance at the job.

You can read the big interview with Hans Peter Doskozil on Krone+.

Source: Krone


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