“Do not bear any costs” – detainees will no longer receive a climate bonus this year


A climate bonus will be paid again from the beginning of September. Depending on where you live, there are between 110 and 220 euros per person. What is new is that detainees no longer receive a climate bonus. According to the ministry, you do not have to incur any costs for the CO₂ pricing.

Earlier, the FPÖ in particular had repeatedly criticized the fact that prisoners also received the climate bonus. This time, the rate of 85 percent of transfers in the previous year must be increased. The people whose account information is available will receive the money immediately. Everyone else will receive the climate bonus in the form of vouchers by post (RSa letter). “Just like last year, the climate bonus will be paid out as easily and conveniently as possible – automatically and without an application,” said Minister of Climate Protection Leonore Gewessler (Greens) on Wednesday.

Amount lower this time
Compared to 500 euros for adults and 250 euros for children last year, the climate allowance is significantly lower this year. The exact amount depends on where you live. The better the public transport and infrastructure, the lower the benefit. In concrete terms, this concerns 110, 150, 180 or 220 euros, which will be paid from the beginning of September. Statistics Austria created the community categories, even considering Vienna’s districts separately. How high the relevant regional fee is can be followed online after entering the relevant zip code.

“We follow the ‘incentives instead of prohibitions’ approach (…). As a direct compensation for the CO₂ pricing, the climate bonus has been introduced as a bonus payment,” said Finance Minister Magnus Brunner (ÖVP).

Source: Krone


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