Multiple interrogations – WKStA is working on a third key witness against Kurz


A “Krone” article about the third star witness was recently denied by the WKStA. Now there are indications that it does exist.

Less than three weeks have passed since the “Krone” reported that the prosecutor’s office for affairs and corruption could involve a third key witness in the investigation of former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. What followed was a vehement denial from the WKStA, according to which the “Krone” report was incorrect. As the “profile” now reports, there is a leniency request from a third person.

Already several explanations for the WKStA
The possible third key witness is the former director of the Austrian Integration Fund, who was reportedly interrogated several times by the WKStA to inform senior prosecutors of criminal offenses they were previously unaware of.

This is how it happened: after a report from the Court of Auditors, the suspicion was investigated whether real estate belonging to the integration fund had been sold too cheaply. The suspicion of enrichment hung in the room. Kurz fired the employee in his first year on the job because of the malpractice.

Cause polls
In the course of its investigation, the WKStA apparently ran into inconsistencies befitting other allegations against Kurz — namely, creating rigged polls using Treasury Department money.

It appears that the WKStA is reconstructing a crime plot, according to which Kurz has used taxpayers’ money to optimize his image since the beginning of his career. The question will be: How criminally relevant are the statements of the leniency candidate?

Source: Krone


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