UPN opens file and will evict three councilors who supported EH Bildu in Puente la Reina


The formation ensures that the three councilors have “acted freely” and apologized to their constituents. EH Bildu had a guaranteed majority with seven councillors. UPN got four councilors in the last election.

Three out of four aldermen chosen by UPN in the town of Puente la Reina they voted in this Saturday’s constituent plenary session to EH Bildu’s candidatewhich with its own 7 councilors already had a guaranteed majority, a performance “free” to which the leadership of the regionalist party will respond with an expulsion file.

UPN assured it in a note, asking “apologies” to his voters and announces that the party leadership has contacted the three councilors involved and asked them to submit the minutes “given the seriousness of the crime committed”, alongside announcing that it will open an eviction file for them.

For UPN, “The defense of our values ​​is above all else. We will continue to defend those values, and for that we must apologize to our constituents of Puente la Reina, because there is nothing further from our values.” than the positions of EH Bildu’s candidates”.

The training has ensured that the three council members they acted freelywithout communicating or coordinating their decision with the party leadership, what a very serious errorwhich ultimately resulted in the issuance of a vote in favor of Bildu’s candidate”.

“This decision outside the party leadership seems irresponsible, incomprehensible and pointless,” they conclude.

Source: EITB


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