“In the AN, a huge plug is generated in the reintegration processes of the detainees”


“In the AN, a huge plug is generated in the reintegration processes of the detainees”

Agus Hernan has stated that the prosecutor’s office will “systematically appeal” against the “favourable” reports of the treatment boards. According to Teresa Toda, there is “lobby pressure against progress in prison policy.”

The representative of the Permanent Social Forum Agus Hernan has pointed out that “in the National High Court a huge plug is being generated in the reintegration trajectories of detainees in what should be a dynamic aimed at granting permits in accordance with ordinary law.”

For example, the Permanent Social Forum in Bilbao has denounced that: “dozens” of denials and withdrawals of permits and third degrees to ETA inmates in the Central Court for Penitentiary Supervision.

The organization has presented a number Behatokia monograph (Observatory), stating that on March 25… 76 license denials and advancement in rank, affecting 34 inmates

Hernan has confirmed that “what has never happened until now” is happening since the state prosecutor’s office is “systematically relying” on the treatment boards’ “favourable” reports.

According to the representative of the Social Forum Theresa Allthere is “the pressure of” ‘lobby’ in contrast to progress in prison policy and the building of democratic coexistence, a ‘lobby’ that mixes certain associations of victims of ETA and the politico-electoral interests of the Spanish right”.

He has shown that “he has not been able to stop the changes initiated by Pedro Sanchez’s government, but he has slowed them down, especially in this second phase of transition and reintegration.”

The representatives of the Social Forum have indicated that this creates “frustration” among the prisoners and those around them and warned that “this frustration does not help” to “generate guarantees of non-repetition from a culture of human rights”.

“limiting idea”

Toda has complained that “the basis of the restrictive idea that in an open regime, in the third degree, is not serving a sentence, it is no longer in prison.”

In this sense, he has assured that “all prisoners who were ETA have served their sentences in full, and in exceptional circumstances. The third degree is an avenue provided by ordinary law to reinforce the spirit of Article 25 of the Spanish Constitution, that includes social reintegration,” he indicated.

The featured Behatokia issue includes a article by the lawyer and former PNV deputy Emilio Olabarria indicating, with regard to the decline in the rank of some prisoners, that “in a context of peace and with the disappearance of ETA, these assessments are difficult to understand, welcomed only by some organization of victims of terrorism, of which It is not known whether they manifest themselves as the views of a political party or whether that political party is the appendage of said organizations”.

Source: EITB


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