Causa Commerzialbank – Proceedings against ex-council member Illedits ended


Illedits resigned as state councilor because of a golden gift from ex-Commerzialbank boss Pucher. Three years later, the cause is now at an end.

Former Landesrat Christian Iledits can now finally close the Commerzialbank chapter. The investigation by the Public Prosecution Service for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) against him has ended. As reported, Iledits had resigned from all offices three years ago because he was presented with a small gold bar by the then head of the scandal bank, Martin Pucher, for his 60th birthday. When Puchers’ house of cards collapsed in 2020, Iledits took the consequences and announced his resignation.

responsibility taken
His client took on political and legal responsibility from the start, compensated the bank’s trustee for damages and cooperated with the authorities, his lawyer Johannes Zink now explains. “This acceptance of responsibility has now successfully led to a diversionary tactic,” says Zink. So there will be no trial or even a conviction. Illedits only has to pay a fine.

Pucher gave gifts to many of his banking customers
However, the former state politician was not alone in receiving gifts from Pucher. Many customers had received a gift, usually in the form of a silver bar, on special occasions, such as milestone birthdays.

Source: Krone


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