Follows Rendi-Wagner – With a baby in her arms: Duzdar sworn into parliament


After Pamela Rendi-Wagner left the National Council, former State Secretary Muna Duzdar took over the presidency from the ex-SPÖ leader. When she was sworn in, Duzdar held her baby, who had taken her to parliament.

“I am very happy to be back,” the politician said on Twitter. From 2017 to 2019, she was a member of the National Council. “Since then a lot has happened in politics and also in my life, as the photo of my swearing-in suggests,” she wrote.

The former secretary of state had openly supported current party leader Andreas Babler in the internal election campaign. Duzdar is now media spokeswoman instead of Rendi-Wagner trust Jörg Leichtfried. It is not the only castling in the SPÖ club.

New division of roles at the SPÖ
Petra Bayr takes over from Rendi-Wagner as foreign policy spokeswoman, while Christoph Matznetter chairs the foreign policy committee. The new integration spokesperson is Christian Oxonitsch, who takes over this role from Petra Tanzler, who supported Hans Peter Doskozil in the SPÖ election campaign.

The new agriculture spokeswoman is Elisabeth Feichtinger. Cornelia Ecker moves from the National Council to local politics in Salzburg. Instead of the new deputy head of the club, Eva Maria Holzleitner is now the Burgenland mandatary, Maximilian Köllner, the youth spokesperson.

Source: Krone


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