The PNV regrets that the Spanish government only contacted them for 5 minutes to inform them of the anti-crisis measures


“Contact. Strictly speaking, contact. We had a 5-minute phone call Monday morning,” PNV Congressional Spokesperson Aitor Esteban wrote on his Twitter account.

The PNV regrets that the Spanish government had only been in contact with its spokesman in Congress for five minutes this morning to inform him that it will anti-crisis measures that the Council of Ministers will approve tomorrow, and has criticized for not providing details.

“Contact. Strictly that: contact. We had a 5 minute phone call on Monday morning. Now I am informing myself through the media about what the president has explained in his conference,” wrote PNV congressional spokesman Aitor Esteban on his Twitter account.

However, Esteban, appreciating that the Spanish government is “now starting to provide details” of the measures it plans to implement, has criticized the way it has communicated with its formation.

He pointed out that it was this morning that the executive made a telephone call to the PNV, as government sources have stated that the Presidency Minister, Félix Bolaños, called several parliamentary spokesmen for Congress this weekend.

According to the Spanish government, talks this weekend and this morning “have been well received by the groups and the tone has been constructive”.

Source: EITB


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