Words of warning to ÖVP – Schüssel: “We must learn to fight again”


In addition to Sebastian Kurz, another former chancellor and ex-ÖVP leader, Wolfgang Bowl, was a guest at the People’s Party federal conference. Bowl brought out his offensive side and wished Karl Nehammer not only good nerves, but also a “fight team”. “We have to learn to fight again,” said the ex-chancellor, “it’s an election campaign, dear friends!”

There was also a call for optimism from Bowl, because: “The pessimist is the only mess on which nothing grows,” he quoted Theodor Heuss as saying.

Cheers for bowl of deputies
You shouldn’t be discouraged either. Right now there is a need for a party that upholds the concept of freedom. Many cheers from the nearly 1,300 guests, 515 of which were voting delegates, for Schüssel’s words on personal rights, legal protection and freedom of expression in view of the access of the judiciary to letters and chat messages; many of the current allegations against the ÖVP stem from the evaluation of these sources.

ÖVP club president August Wöginger championed turquoise green in his speech – a lot has been achieved despite overcoming the crisis. He mentioned, for example, the eco-social tax reform, the expansion of renewable energy sources or the health care package. The coalition is now entering the second half, “and we will play it to the end,” he assured.

Wöginger sharply criticized the opposition
He had no kind words for the opposition – they operate “with constant rumblings in the hope that something sticks” and “with dishonest methods (…) in the hope that we lose our interest in politics”.

Many familiar faces were present, from Turkish ministers to state governors and former party leaders such as Schüssel and Josef Proell. Celebrities from Styria such as the ex-president of Sturm Graz, Hannes Kartnig, also honored the event.

Source: Krone


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