Reader reactions – Summer talks: ‘The House fits in with politics!’


If you thought political interviews couldn’t get any more fun, ORF has proven you could be wrong. With the ‘Summer Talks’, the broadcaster has opted for a studio that is more reminiscent of the scenes of a medieval drama than a place for serious political discussions.

Picture Austria’s political elite locked in a windowless room that would be perfect for…say, fermenting pickles or hiding a 1970s time capsule. Some mischievous viewers have dubbed it a “broom closet” or “nobles’ outhouse.” And honestly, who can blame them?

A particular highlight was when FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl compared the setting to a “Stasi interrogation room”. Well, at least now we know he has an eye for interior design!

So much cost for so little space!
While the political arena in Austria is buzzing and boiling, the ORF provides a touch of humour. Whether you like it or not, it’s up to you:

In the middle of the conversation you inevitably ask yourself: was this studio perhaps designed by a medieval interior designer who had a penchant for knight’s castles and dungeons? Or maybe it was a modern minimalist with the motto “windows are superfluous”?

One thing becomes clear during the ORF summer talks: who needs daylight when politics is so funny? Can you imagine the following conversations in even more exotic locations? What rooms do you have in mind here? Show us your best and funniest ideas in the comments, we look forward to a smile or two.

Source: Krone


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