Broadcasting etc. – WKStA is now investigating due to a too short survey


The Public Prosecutor’s Office for Economic Affairs and Corruption (WKStA) is now investigating a brief investigation from 2016. At the time, it was asked whether the future chancellor had a sympathetic charisma or whether he cleverly concealed his personal pursuit of power.

The WKStA wants to investigate the circumstances of the assignment and the financing. The researchers hope to confirm the statements of Kurz’s predecessor, Reinhold Mitterlehner, about when the party was taken over. The investigation by the M&R Institute coincided with the first contacts between the suspects for investigations in the daily newspaper “Österreich”.

High damage for Republic?
Based on its investigations, the WKStA expects evidence about who was involved in the investigations in the district of Kurz. The focus is currently on former Kurz confidant Stefan Steiner. The suspicion is bribery or “bribery of the highest officials of the country and (…) breach of trust.” This entails management of public assets and considerable damage to the Republic of Austria.

Last week, the WKStA announced its investigation into studies at the Demox Institute from 2021 and 2022, commissioned by the ÖVP-led ministries (see video above). In this context, she conducted house searches. For example, the surveys asked whether Austria should take in more refugees or whether the population is satisfied with the government’s crisis management. According to the allegation, public funds were allegedly used to order partisan politically motivated content.

Source: Krone


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