Escaped from Ukraine – Austria does not extradite conscripts


In order to get conscripts from abroad back to Ukraine, the government in Kiev is considering extradition from the affected countries. However, the Ministry of Justice in Vienna has made it clear in this regard that conscripts would not be extradited to their home country even if the Ukrainian authorities submitted a request.

“Violating military service is a military criminal offense,” a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice recalls. According to Article 4 of the European Extradition Convention, the treaty does not apply to such a criminal offence. “On this basis, the Austrian courts would use this ground for rejection,” the spokeswoman continued.

“We don’t know who will do military service.”
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is currently not possible to send Ukrainians from Austria who are subject to military service back to their home country against their will. “We do not know which of the Ukrainian men in Austria would actually have to perform military service in Ukraine,” a ministry spokesman said on Friday.

According to him, there are currently about 14,000 men from Ukraine in Austria who are likely to fall into the age group of conscripts. “We do not know Ukraine’s military service criteria in detail (…) and factors such as: B. Health status, age or other criteria are taken into account,” the report said.

Source: Krone


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