ERC asks for a “signed commitment” for the amnesty if it is not approved before the investiture


A position that contrasts with that of JxCat, expressed by former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, who placed the approval of this amnesty as one of the “conditions” to subsequently begin negotiations for an investiture of Sánchez.

The deputy of C.K.D in Congress and former councilor of the Generalitat Teresa Jordà has a “signed commitmentwith a calendar and political will” on the part of the PSOE in case the amnesty law It could not be approved before the eventual inauguration of Pedro Sánchez as president.

In an interview on RTVE Catalunya, Jordà emphasized the need to pass this amnesty law, which ERC would like to see passed. before the inauguration “if that is possible”.

But she has also been open to the idea that, if it doesn’t come in time, the post-investiture amnesty will be approved, as long as certain conditions are met: “What needs to be there is a firm, signed commitment, with a schedule for that commitment. and the political will that it will be implemented,” he explained.

A position that contrasts with that of JxCat expressed by the former Catalan president Carlos Puigdemontwho considered the approval of that amnesty as one of the most important “conditions” to then begin negotiations for an investiture of Sánchez.

Precisely on the question of whether Junts and specifically Carles Puigdemont should be part of the dialogue table, Jordà did not close the door on that possibility when asked about it: “We will understand each other, of course. We are in a different phase, we have gone a step higher”.

Source: EITB


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