The Lehendakari is committed to reducing waiting times in Osakidetza over the next six months


Recognizing a shortage of health workers and long waiting lists, it has announced 1.2 billion investments over eight years. In addition, he announced that he will consider activating the Bilateral Commission, promote the debate on the territorial model of the state and request four new transfers.

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has expressed self-criticism, acknowledged it shortage of health workers and long waiting lists, therefore, it has committed to reducing waiting lists in Osakidetza in the region next six monthsin addition to an investment of 1.2 billion euros over the next eight years.

Speaking at the General Policy Debate, held in the Basque Parliament, Lehendakari reviewed his government’s actions since 2012, took stock of the legislature and proposed a series of commitments for the rest of the year.

With regard to the waiting lists in Osakidetza, the Lehendakari has specifically made the following commitments:

– Restore the 65 day average delay surgical procedures.

– Shorten the waiting period of 30 days oncological patients.

– Under 90 days go to heart operations.

In terms of primary care, she has announced her commitment to “reduce the 48-hour wait time over the next six months and increase attendance from the current 61% to 70%, achieving a better balance between telephone and in-person appointments.” To achieve these objectives, Urkullu has made an investment of 1200 million euros in eight years “to renovate health centers and purchase new medical equipment.”

Self-government and territorial model of the state

In addition, the Lehendakari has announced that as soon as he proposes the activation of the Bilateral Commission, they will demand four new transfer proposals from the Spanish government: Port of Pasaia, Fogasa, Paradores and property of health buildings.

On the other hand, the country has reaffirmed its intention to continue making progress in self-government, for which it will promote “consensus for a new status of self-government.” Iñigo Urkullu has acknowledged that “the months until the end of the legislature are not a favorable time to reach an agreement, but they are a time to prepare it.”

According to the Lehendakari, the “Spanish government and the political forces at the state level, as well as the institutions and political forces of the historical communities, have the same challenge,” according to the Lehendakari: “the recognition of the plurinationality of the Spanish state.”

To develop this, he has again put on the table the proposal for a Constitutional Convention, an “invitation to modernize and improve the functioning of the institutional framework through the Pact.” “The Constitutional Convention is a working methodology, with proven international precedents.”


In the field of housing, the Lehendakri has announced that the grant applications still pending coverage by the European Funds will be covered by the Basque budget, with an amount of 60 million euros.

“The goal in three years is to manage 10% of the total number of homes in the Basque Country. This means a protected housing stock of more than 88,500 homes, 40% of which are for rent. The goal is clear: to mitigate price and rent increases in a real and effective way,” he explained.

For example, he has assured that this year they will spend 90 million euros on social housing programs, through Alokabide and Bizigune, and that they will manage the Gaztelagun program to promote access to housing for young people, with an investment of 19 million. Support for the renovation of buildings is also maintained.

Source: EITB


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