Parties on the rise – The extreme right is networking in Europe


AfD leader Alice Weidel will give a lecture in Vienna on Tuesday – at the invitation of the parliamentary club FPÖ. The meeting is not an isolated event, as the extreme right has a close network in Europe. What unites them, what separates them and why they are successful. An analysis.

FPÖ, AfD, Fidesz, Lega Nord, PiS, …: There are many parties in Europe that are considered to be on the far right edge of the political spectrum. What they have in common is that they all feel the wind at their backs. Surveys show the FPÖ in Austria and the AfD in Germany rising, and in Italy the Fratelli d’Italia are the head of government. Closer examination reveals strong differences of opinion. What connects and separates the different movements and how should they be classified?

Source: Krone


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