Money worries are enormous: inflation dominates the fears of Austrians


Concerns about inflation overshadow all other concerns of Austrians. A Target Group Office survey shows that 84 percent of respondents are concerned about inflation. A clear majority are concerned about food prices, energy prices (81 percent each) and rental or housing costs (73 percent). Concern about increasing poverty in Austria comes in fourth place with three-quarters of respondents.

Three days before the IDEAL Congress 2023, the P&B Agency for Communications together with the social organization Neunerhaus presented the results of the previously conducted online survey on Monday. It was carried out by the target group agency. From September 5 to 11, 1,000 people aged 16 and over living in Austria were surveyed about their values, commitments and concerns.

Only 14% think that Austria is developing in the right direction
According to the research institute, the results indicate great dissatisfaction in many areas of life and society. While 40 percent of respondents in the 2021 IDEAL Barometer felt that Austria was developing clearly or rather in the right direction, this year only 14 percent share this optimism.

Concern is also quite high in other areas: 72.5 percent are concerned about the ‘general political environment’, 67.2 percent are concerned about the ‘general social mood’ and 65.8 percent are concerned about the economic situation in Austria. 63.1 percent are concerned about the country’s health care, and the same number disagree with the immigration situation.

Only after concerns about crime (62.6 percent) comes concern about climate change, which still affects 58.2 percent. 55.7 percent are negatively concerned about Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, and 50.4 percent are concerned about rising interest rates on loans. Racism is a problem that concerns them for 44.5 percent of respondents, and the labor market for 40.6 percent. Only 13.6 percent are concerned about Corona.

The Chancellor wants to strengthen confidence with a campaign
About nine in ten respondents also believe that politicians have no idea of ​​people’s fears and concerns and that they do not pay enough attention to the most pressing problems of our time. Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) wants to counter the negative mood on Tuesday – probably not without political ulterior motives. He presents the initiative “Believe in Austria”.

Source: Krone


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